Support diversity and inclusion in Australian science

May 31, 2019

The Academy is committed to supporting excellence in science. To achieve this, it must celebrate and embrace diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

The organisation is seeking support and assistance in its goal to ensure that excellent Australian researchers are recognised for their contributions. Who could you nominate or encourage to apply for opportunities such as Academy Fellowship and awards?

Academy Fellowship

The Academy is deeply committed to improving the diversity of the Academy Fellowship. Of its 544 Fellows, 80, or 15%, are female. In recent years, it has developed and implemented a range of initiatives to ensure that the outstanding contributions of women in STEM are being recognised. This is having an effect, but there is more to do to achieve true diversity across the Academy.

Twenty Champions of Diversity have been appointed within the Academy as ambassadors across all scientific disciplines. The Champions identify diversity candidates, encourage others to propose candidates for nomination, and support diversity candidates through the Fellowship nomination process.

The Academy’s President has invited over 400 leaders in the STEM and tertiary sectors across Australia to suggest diversity candidates. All Fellows are encouraged to nominate diversity candidates.

Find out more about Fellowship or contact us if you have any questions about Fellowship nominations at

Due dates for Fellowship

By 30 June—diversity candidates recommended via

During June and July—Fellows identified to nominate the diversity candidates who have been assessed as suitable for election

By 31 July—new nominations registered by Fellows

By 31 August—full nominations submitted by Fellows

Academy awards

The Academy has a wide range of awards that recognise and support achievements across disciplines and career stages, including for early- and mid-career researchers.

It also funds research and assist researchers by supporting travelling fellowships and conferences.

All women in science are strongly encouraged to consider applying for the Academy’s awards, including career honorific awards.

Find out more about awards or contact us if you have any questions at 

Due dates for awards

By 1 June—research awards, research conferences and travelling fellowships

By 1 May—honorific awards (2019 applications closed)

Find out more about diversity and inclusion at the Academy.

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