Opportunities for scientists—November 2017

November 09, 2017

External awards

In addition to the Academy’s opportunities for scientists, there are many opportunities to nominate for prizes and awards managed by other organisations. The following are currently open.

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Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize covers three time dimensions—history of science, humanities or social sciences, and personlised medicine.

Closing date: 30 November 2017

Gruber Prizes

The Gruber Prizes honour individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics and neuroscience, whose ground-breaking work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture—US$500,000 for each category

Closing date: 15 December 2017

Albert Einstein World Award of Science

The ‘Albert Einstein’ World Award of Science award recognises those who have accomplished scientific and technological achievements, which have brought progress to science and benefit to mankind—US$10,000

Closing date: 18 December 2017

José Vasconcelos World Award of Education

The José Vasconcelos World Award of Education award is granted to a renowned educator, an authority in the field of teaching, or to a legislator of education policies who has had a significant influence on the advancement in the scope of culture for mankind—US$10,000

Closing date: 18 December 2017

AOGS Axford Medal

The AOGS Axford Medal awards outstanding achievements in geosciences and unselfish cooperation and leadership in Asia and Oceania

Closing date: 5 January 2018

The Volvo Environment Prize

The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded to people who have made outstanding scientific achievements within the area of environment and sustainability—US$215,000

Closing date: 10 January 2018

A.M. Turing Award

The A.M. Turing Award is given for major contributions of a technical nature to the computing community—US$1 million

Closing date: 15 January 2018

Welch Award in Chemistry

The Welch Award in Chemistry is awarded for important clinical research contributions which have a significant positive influence on mankind—US$500,000

Closing date: 31 January 2018

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