Academy videos head to the Moon and back

November 26, 2020

The Academy continues to produce engaging science-based videos that generate broad interest and are viewed and shared widely on social media. Below are some of our most recent videos—see our Curious website and Global Science TV for hundreds more.

It’s official: Water on the Moon

Two new studies confirm the ‘unambiguous detection’ of water on the Moon, finally differentiating water from other combinations of hydrogen and oxygen.

COVID-19 vaccine: Contenders explained

We asked Professor Ian Frazer from the University of Queensland about all the newest potential COVID-19 vaccines.

The Aussie doctor who gifted sound

Academy Fellow Professor Graeme Clark was instrumental in developing the cochlear implant.

The following videos are published by Global Science TV and produced by the Academy in partnership with the International Science Council.

2020 medical breakthroughs of the year

We teamed up with the international Falling Walls event and Berlin Science Week to showcase breakthrough thinking from some of our greatest scientists.

Arctic ice keeps shrinking

The climate in the Arctic is changing before all eyes. A major new study has found that the region is shifting to a new climate with open water and rain replacing ice and snow. A feedback loop is also rapidly gaining pace. That's bad for the Arctic AND bad for the planet.

Impossible black hole

Astronomers from the LIGO and Virgo scientific collaboration have detected a mind-blowing gravitational shockwave. It originated from the biggest merger yet observed between two black holes.

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