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Australia in the era of global astronomy: The decadal plan for Australian astronomy 2016–2025 was published in July 2015 and presents the strategic vision for Australian astronomy for the next decade. The plan is based on the reports of 11 working groups, comprising over 150 astronomers, engineers and educators from over 30 Australian institutions across all states and the ACT, in a process run by the Academy's National Committee for Astronomy during 2014 and 2015.

The document follows on from the success of the Committee’s 2006 plan, New horizons: a decadal plan for Australian astronomy 2006–15. This publication was highly influential in presenting the community's vision to stakeholders outside the research sector, including key stakeholder the Commonwealth Government and industrial/research partners nationally and internationally.

2019–20 mid-term review of the Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy


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