2022 annual report highlights Academy’s wide range of achievements

May 26, 2023
2022 Australian Academy of Science Annual Report

The announcement that the Academy will lead the International Science Council Asia Pacific Regional Focal Point was one of the many achievements highlighted in the Academy’s 2022 annual report, released today.

Other international highlights were the launch of the STEM Women Global web platform to enable women working in STEM fields around the world to raise their profile, and the announcement of $800,000 assistance for Ukrainian scientists in partnership with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

Closer to home, achievements included the publication of a 10-year strategic plant for Australian space science, the development of independent scientific advice to assist decision-makers, and the creation of a new award to foster integrity in science.

The Academy’s focus on climate change continued, with the launch of a National Strategy for Just Adaptation, hosting a national roundtable to explore how we can remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere at scale, and publishing a report on what could be done to support the world’s most precious heritage assets, like the Great Barrier Reef, in the face of climate change.

To champion scientific excellence, the Academy welcomed 22 new Fellows, for the first time electing the same number of women and men and the first Fellow identifying as an Aboriginal person. The Academy also:

  • recognised 20 leading scientists with honorific awards, and announced support for scientists with grants, fellowships and conference funding
  • helped early-career researchers take part in international events
  • participated in NAIDOC Week, and supported the research of five scientists through its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Award.

Engaging with a broad audience remained a high priority, with science celebrated at the Academy’s flagship event, Science at the Shine Dome, and through many other events and public outreach activities across the year. The Academy’s widely used education programs continued to provide support for teachers of science and mathematics.

“Emerging from lockdowns … the Academy’s activity and influence grew with a renewed sense of purpose. Attention shifted to the many continuing challenges for which science can provide solutions and on which the Academy can have impact,” Academy President Professor Chennupati Jagadish said in his introduction to the report.

Chief Executive Anna-Maria Arabia said the annual report demonstrates how the Academy “continued in our mission to have science heard wherever decisions are made. This year saw significant advances in terms of science informing decisions in the parliament, the justice system, the classroom, and across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Academy continued in our mission to have science heard wherever decisions are made. 

“We welcome the constructive relationship we have with the government, enabling many Fellows to share their expertise directly with decision-makers,” she said.

Both recognised the critical contribution of Academy Fellows to science, and the support of many donors and partners who are vital for the independent work of the Academy.

“As we look towards the future, the important role and mission of the Academy is clearer than ever,” Professor Jagadish said.

Read more about the Academy’s achievements in the 2022 Annual Report.

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