Academy events open up world of science

December 12, 2017

National audiences taken on polymer journey

The Academy’s national speaker series aims to deliver science around Australia in an engaging, accessible and positive way. Since August, the Academy has delivered Making Better Humans with Polymers in Wollongong, Brisbane and Adelaide, with audiences taken on a polymer journey by Dr Katherine Locock, Dr Georgina Such, Professor Martina Stenzel, Professor Gordon Wallace, Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik and Professor Peter Murphy.

In addition to getting a taste for incredible science, audiences were also given the opportunity to network and engage with Academy President, Professor Andrew Holmes and many other key stakeholders.

The Academy thanks all the speakers as well as the series Chair, Dr Bobby Cerini of Inspiring Australia, and Convenors Professor San Thang and Professor Maria Forsyth.

In 2018 the Academy will continue to take science around the nation, diving into the world of ‘The Science Behind Sport’.

Canberra public speaker series out of this world

Recreation of a satellite that has been hit by an object and splintered into many pieces
Tackling space junk is just one of the many challenges scientists are facing in the new space age.

This year’s Canberra speaker series in the iconic Shine Dome was, as always, a wonderful success. Convened by Professor Matthew Colless and Professor Tamara Davis, Dawn of the New Space Age brought together a collection of the top minds in space research in Australia.

Researchers Professor Dean Rickles, Professor McClure-Griffiths, Dr Ben Greene, Professor Iver Cairns, Dr Helen Maynard-Casely and Dr Carol Oliver wowed audiences with their work towards discovering life on Mars, tackling the huge issue of space junk, exploring the Milky Way, and much more.

With a record number of season passes sold, and sell-out crowds for almost all talks, it is clear there is an overwhelming interest and passion that exists for space and the incredible discoveries in this area of science.

The recordings of each of the six instalments of the series can be found on YouTube.

The Academy thanks each of the speakers, convenors and chairs, and also acknowledges the generous ongoing support of Edge Catering and Jirra Wines at Jeir Station to make these events possible.

The Academy will welcome audiences back in 2018 for ‘From Womb to Tomb: the science of our lives’

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