New climate change hub to be a trusted source of climate science and solutions

October 21, 2021



In the lead-up to COP26, the Academy has launched its Climate change hub: science and solutions—a single point of climate resources for policymakers, researchers and the public.

Accessible science videos, including one explaining the consequences for Australia of a 3°C warmer world, are hosted alongside more detailed scientific reports and evidence briefs, such as explaining the impact of bushfires on soil condition.

The hub also features Academy Fellows who are experts in the fields of renewable energy technologies and sea level change, as well as climate science.

“Australians know the Academy is a trusted source of scientific information and the climate change hub is designed to make that information accessible so informed decisions can be made,” said Academy Chief Executive, Anna-Maria Arabia.

“We want Australians from all walks of life to be able to engage with climate science and learn more about the science-led solutions that will pave the way to a sustainable future.”

The Academy has 2.5 million followers on social media, and Academy videos and articles about climate science remain popular across its outreach networks.

The hub resources include:

  • videos, articles and reports explaining the science of climate change
  • evidence briefs synthesising the scientific evidence on the impact of bushfires on soil condition, wildlife recovery, ecosystems and human health.
  • reports, strategies, position statements and submissions to government related to climate change.

Visit the climate change hub

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