New corresponding members admitted to the Academy

April 01, 2016

A physicist, Professor John Spence and a molecular biologist, Professor Matthias Hentze have been admitted to the Academy for outstanding contributions to their fields.

Corresponding members are a special category within the Academy's Fellowship comprising eminent international scientists with strong ties to Australia.  

Professor Spence, based at Arizona State University, was born in Australia and is internationally recognised for his contributions to the development and application of X-ray lasers to biology and molecular movies, and to atomic-resolution electron microscopy.

Professor Hentze is based in Heidelberg in Germany and is an early pioneer of RNA research. In collaboration with Australian scientists, his recent work has led to the discovery of hundreds of new RNA-binding proteins involved in gene regulation that foreshadow a new phase of our understanding of genome functions and metabolism. 

Along with corresponding members, the Academy elects up to twenty ordinary Fellows and normally one specially elected Fellow each year. These new Fellows will be announced in the final week of May.  

Professor Spence (left) and Professor Hentze have been elected as corresponding members of the Academy.

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