scienceXart: spot the maths judging panel announced

September 24, 2020
scienceXart competition banner

The judges of the scienceXart: spot the maths photographic competition have been announced, with a diverse mix of experts from maths, education and the arts sectors set to bring their complementary perspectives to the panel.

The panel includes representatives of the National Committee for Mathematical Sciences, national mathematics and statistics organisations, the Academy’s education program reSolve, and the National Portrait Gallery.

Nearly 1,000 entries were received for this year's scienceXArt competition. It was developed in consultation with the Academy’s National Committee for Mathematical Sciences, and tailored to align with Australian curriculum learning outcomes under expert guidance from the Academy’s reSolve education program. The 2020 competition marks the centennial anniversary of the International Mathematical Union with its mathematical and statistics theme. More information about scienceXart: spot the maths.

The judges are:

  • Karen Quinlan AM, Director of the National Portrait Gallery
  • Professor Alan Welsh FAA, Chair, National Committee for Mathematical Sciences
  • Rebecca Herbst, Statistical Society of Australia
  • Dr Julia Collins, Australian Mathematical Society
  • Ruqiyah Patel and Dr Kristen Tripet, reSolve.
Karen Quinlan and Professor Alan Welsh, two members of the scienceXart judging panel.

Three of the panel members are professional mathematicians or statisticians. Professor Alan Welsh is based at the Australian National University within the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics. His statistical modelling research has a wide variety of application, including ecological monitoring and sports science. Professor Welsh is Chair of the National Committee for Mathematical Sciences, which supports the Australian mathematics community and serves as a link between Australian and overseas mathematical scientists.

Representing the arts and cultural sector, Karen Quinlan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery, is bringing an artistic perspective to the judging panel. The renowned art curator is the Director of the National Portrait Gallery. Before moving to the ACT, Ms Quinlan was the Director of the Bendigo Art Gallery and Professor of Practice at the La Trobe Arts Institute.

Rebecca Herbst represents the Statistical Society of Australia, the peak national body for statisticians. The society provides a vibrant network for those working in statistical research and teaching and aims to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise.

Dr Julia Collins is a lecturer in mathematics at Edith Cowan University and the coordinator of the CHOOSEMATHS Women in Maths Network. She represents the Australian Mathematical Society, the national society of the mathematics profession. Representing all professional mathematicians in Australia, both pure and applied, the mission of the society is to promote and extend mathematical knowledge and its applications.  

Kristen Tripet and Ruqiyah Patel bring their expertise in maths education to the scienceXart panel. reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry is a national program designed to promote relevant, rigorous and engaging mathematics from Foundation to Year 10. A program of the Academy, reSolve produces resources for classroom use and professional learning resources for teachers.

Prizes for the winning entries have been curated by the reSolve team, supported by the Australian Mathematical Society and the Statistical Society of Australia (for the statistics category). Entries for the competition closed on 25 September.

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