EMCR Pathways Issue 15—June 2018

Issue 15 June 2018

The Australian Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum of the Australian Academy of Science serves as the voice of the country's future scientific and research leaders. We currently reach over 3,300 people and are seeking to broaden and increase our engagement with Australian EMCRs to better represent their views, needs and vision to decision-makers within the government, members of parliament and key funding agencies.


Editor’s welcome

A new editor for EMCR Pathways

Diversify your Thinking—Science Pathways 2018

Science Pathways 2018 – Diversify your thinking was held in Brisbane in April and was a huge success!

Creating STEM pathways for minorities in Australia

Australia needs to harness the capabilities of all its citizens to service STEM

Women in science leadership on the backdrop of Antarctica—an EMCR perspective

Dr Justine Shaw explains how a trip to Antarctica builds leadership skills for women

On the job with…Jessica Allen

Dr Jessica Allen tells us all about her life as a chemical engineer

EMCR Agony Aunt

Looking for rock solid, ironclad, foolproof, child proof, future proof and proof proof advice? Ask the EMCR Agony Aunt.

New EMCR activities in 2018-19

The official announcement of the projects to support EMCR careers through the Theo Murphy Initiative

What have we been up to?

Check in to see how the hard working EMCR Forum Executive members have been spending their time

Find out about events and opportunities for EMCRs

  • ​Perspectives of Researchers on Working with Policy Makers survey
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Travelling Research Award
  • 2018 Cutaneous Biology Meeting: Travel bursary application and EMCR program
  • Consultation open for Decadal plan for nutrition science in Australia
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less
—Marie Curie

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