EMCR Pathways issue 29—August 2023

EMCR Pathways newsletter Issue 29 May 2023

The Australian Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum of the Australian Academy of Science serves as the voice of the country's future scientific and research leaders. We currently reach over 4000 people and are seeking to broaden and increase our engagement with Australian EMCRs to better represent their views, needs and vision to decision-makers within the government, members of parliament and key funding agencies.


Editors’ welcome

2023 is an exciting year for the Forum, with an upcoming Science Pathways Festival, and so we will start it off with an equally thrilling EMCR Pathways issue!

A message from the outgoing EMCR Forum Chair

In 2022, the Forum laid the basis for four important, long-standing goals to be achieved.

Updated EMCR definition for Forum membership

The definition of EMCR Forum membership has been modified to be more inclusive and reflect the variety of career pathways.

Introducing the EMCR Forum 2023 Executive Leadership Team

Meet the three new members of the leadership team: Mohammad Taha, Charlie Morgan and Angela Laird.

Welcome to the new EMCR Forum Executive members!

Meet new Forum Executive members Tomoko Sugiura, Isabella Bower, Li Gao, Mibu Fischer and Jordan Pitt.

EMCR Forum’s response to review of ARC Act

The EMCR Forum will work with the ARC to further improve its processes with an intersectional approach.

Opinion—International Women’s Day

To achieve true gender equality for all women, the experiences of BIPOC women need to be acknowledged and their voices uplifted, all year round.

Why all research teams should consider CSIRO’s ON Program

The ON Program helps researchers and scientists navigate the commercialisation process and bring their ideas to market.

What have we been up to?

Find out about the work that has been conducted on behalf of the Forum in the first six months of 2023.

Be inspired!

Mohammad Taha points to a poem by the award-winning American poet, essayist and translator, Jane Hirshfield.

The fact is that no species has ever had such wholesale control over everything on Earth, living or dead, as we now have. That lays upon us, whether we like it or not, an awesome responsibility. In our hands now lies not only our own future, but that of all other living creatures with whom we share the Earth.

David Attenborough, from the documentary series, Life On Earth

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