Be inspired!

American poet, essayist and translator, Jane Hirshfield. Photo: Lynn Saville, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

EMCR Forum Chair, Dr Mohammad Taha, is a true wordsmith. Mohammad expresses their creativity through various forms of writing. From thought-provoking poetry and captivating fiction to insightful nonfiction pieces, their written work showcases the depth of their intellect and imagination.

Additionally, they have a keen interest in the world of film and contribute their exceptional writing and storytelling skills to the cinematic experience. Mohammad's diverse pursuits encompass scientific excellence, social progress, and artistic flair, making them an inspiring force for innovation and positive change.

In their introduction in this issue of Pathways, when talking of the EMCR Forum, they point to a poem by the award-winning American poet, essayist and translator, Jane Hirshfield:

Most decision makers, funding bodies, government, and industry want to do the right thing, but they don’t have early- and mid- career researchers in their ranks. That’s where we come in. We knock on doors and tell them what we need for the future. People with more information make more informed decisions, plain and simple. Keep in touch because we are the voice and platform of many and because we are the future, as corny as it sounds. I am reminded by Jane Hirshfield’s poem ‘Let Them Not Say’.


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