Discovering Biodiversity: A decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia and New Zealand 2018–2027

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Discovering biodiversity decadal plan, 2018–2027

Cost-benefit analysis to discover and document Australia’s species (Deloitte, 2021)

Discovering biodiversity decadal plan

It’s estimated that 70 per cent of Australian and New Zealand species remain undiscovered, unnamed and undocumented. Taxonomy and biosystematics—the disciplines of biology that study, document, name and characterise biodiversity—provide the framework for this much-needed understanding of life on our planet.

This decadal plan seeks to use new and emerging technologies, develop key infrastructure, and create a unified and dynamic science that will serve the needs of society, government, industry and our unique biodiversity.

2021 Deloitte report: Cost-benefit analysis of a mission to discover and document Australia's species

This report by Deloitte Access Economics found every $1 invested in discovering all remaining Australian species will bring up to $35 of economic benefits to the nation. The cost-benefit analysis supports a mission to discover and document all Australian species that remain undiscovered and unnamed, within a generation.



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