Science for Australians

The Australian Academy of Science’s policy initiative, Science for Australians, is designed to illustrate the benefits of science to the public and policy makers.

Science for Australians sends a powerful message of the benefits of science for the community, and discusses the policies required to support a world-leading Australian science sector.

Science for Australians features a series of articles written for the public by leading scientific experts. The features are designed to provoke discussion, particularly amongst policy makers, demonstrating the research and ideas that can lead to stronger science-policy development and implementation.

Features explore diverse topics relevant to the Australian research ecosystem. These range from interesting and contemporary science topics to matters that affect Australian capacity to conduct research and realise the full benefit of science.

The main message throughout the Science for Australian policy series is to demonstrate how science can, and does, benefit all Australians.

The initiative was launched 1 March 2020 and will run until 2022.

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