A vision for space science and technology in Australia

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A vision for space science and technology: Securing and advancing Australia’s interests through space research in Australia was published in September 2017 and presents the strategic vision for an Australian space sector and space industry.

The plan outlines strategies to lead Australia into a future that embraces a vibrant space sector and space industry, underpinned by space science and technology, and in due course supported by a national space agency.

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The National Committee for Space and Radio Science consulted extensively with broad a representation of researchers and organisations to create this plan.

About the committee

The National Committee for Space and Radio Science aims to foster the space and radio sciences in Australia, to link the Academy to Australian space and radio scientists and relevant scientific societies, and to serve as a link between Australian and overseas space and radio scientists, primarily through the International Union for Radio Sciences, the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics and the Scientific Committee on Space Research.

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