Preparing for Australia's Digital Future

The Australian Academy of Science and the Academy of Technology and Engineering are working together to develop a strategic plan to be titled “Preparing for Australia’s Digital Future.”
Based on a series of workshops that were held around Australia, a summary report and draft recommendations for the strategic plan have been compiled and are open for public comments.

The summary report and draft recommendations are available below.

We encourage anyone who is interested to provide comments or other feedback on this document by end-April 2018 by following the link above.

A strategic plan for Information and Communication Science, Engineering and Technology


A strategic plan for Australia’s digital future is currently underway, and includes consideration of information and communication science, engineering and technology. The project is a partnership between the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). This page will be updated during its development with supporting information, including about how you can get involved.

The strategic plan coincides with Australia’s broadening from a resources-based economy to one that more deeply embraces services and commercialisation of technologies. Information and communication sciences cover a range of disciplines, including computer science, software engineering, information systems, telecommunications, and networking. Developments in these areas underpin the broad technology area commonly known as information and communication technology (ICT), which is the engine room of much of today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

Future advances in areas such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, e-health, automation and smart cities will provide great opportunities for new and existing businesses in Australia. The strategic plan will specifically address how Australia’s ICS researchers can assist in furthering these opportunities.

The strategic plan aims to identify implementable actions that will:

  • enable Australia’s the education, research, and industry sectors to increase national capacity and performance in all aspects of ICS
  • translate this enhanced capacity into increased hardware and software innovation and increased industry participation in the development of new information and communication technology products and services.
  • In undertaking the planning process, we will also:
  • develop a shared, sector-wide understanding of the challenges and opportunities for ICS in Australia, and a sector-wide commitment to respond
  • encourage greater collaboration in areas that are identified as priorities.

Events and timeline

The committee is committed to taking a broadly consultative approach to develop a representative strategic plan for the future of information and communication science in Australia. Five pubic workshops have been held that have engaged with various parts of the ICS community over the past year to develop the draft plan.

The process for plan development involves:

  • Initiation (complete)
  • Consultation paper development (complete)
  • Sectoral consultation (in progress)
  • Draft Plan development (in progress)
  • Finalisation of the strategic Plan
  • Publication, launch, and the beginning of implementation.

How you can provide feedback

Written comments are currently invited on any of the documents, but feedback on the summary and recommendations document is especially sought.

Comments on any of the documents are welcome, but feedback on the summary and recommendations is especially sought by end-April 2018.

Comments may be sent directly to Steering Committee members or to To get in touch with the Steering Committee member most relevant to your area, please contact Alistair Usher (Senior Policy Analyst) at or 02 6201 9439.

For completeness, supporting information to the summary document and recommendations is provided below.


Please feel free to contact us if you have feedback on the summary and recommendations document, or queries about the strategic plan for information and communications sciences, engineering and technologies.

Professor Rod Tucker OAM FAA FTSE FIEAust (Chair, National Committee for Information and Communication Science)
Phone: + 61 3 8344 7688

Dr Brent Davis (Policy Manager)

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