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The call for nominations is currently closed

The 2025 award round is now closed.

Background and eligibility

The Fellowship is financed through the generosity of the trustees of the Selby Scientific Foundation. In 1980 the Directors of H B Selby Australia recognised the need for a continuing source of funds to help finance education, research and development in the fields of science and medicine, with which the company had been involved for some 80 years as a supplier of scientific instruments, laboratory apparatus and chemicals. Accordingly, the Selby Scientific Foundation was established with contributions from HB Selby Australia Ltd, members of the Selby family and a number of shareholders in the Selby company. One award of up to $A15,000 is offered each year. 

This was offered as an early-career Fellowship from 1961 to 1975, before being offered as a senior Fellowship.

This award is open to nominations for candidates from all genders. The Australian Academy of Science encourages nominations of female candidates and of candidates from a broad geographical distribution.

Fellowships are awarded to distinguished postgraduate overseas scientists to visit Australia for public lecture/seminar tours and to visit scientific centres in Australia. Fellows are expected to increase public awareness of the physical and biological sciences and scientific issues and accordingly will be outstanding lecturers to the general public.


Fellowships are tenable for visits of not less than two weeks and not more than three months. It is the responsibility of the nominator to nominate and contact hosts for the arrangement of both public and scientific lectures in the various centres to be visited.

Fellowships are awarded by the Council of the Academy on the recommendations of the Selby Fellowship Selection Committee. Prospective candidates should not only be outstanding scientists but also should have strong public lecturing abilities. It is intended that awardees will present advertised public lectures and provide strong evidence for their ability to effectively communicate their scientific work to a broad audience with no expertise in the field. Visits to as many areas of Australia as possible, including Western Australia, are encouraged. 

Please include a budget breakdown detailing airfares, living expenses and other expected costs. Up to $A15,000 is available to cover direct return economy class airfares between the Selby Fellow’s city of residence and Australia; economy class airfares within Australia for an itinerary approved by the Academy’s Council; and a daily allowance should be included within the $A15,000. Daily allowance rates followed for this scheme are listed in table 2 of the Tax Offices Tax determination webpage.

Fellowships are normally expected to have been undertaken within two years from the date of award. Awardees may apply for extensions due to extenuating circumstances or to apply for variations to remove or adapt to barriers encountered to their planned travel.


Individuals cannot self-nominate for this award. 

Nominations are to be completed through an online form and must include the following:

  • The nominees curriculum vitae. Including a full publications list and any evidence of international standing, major awards, fellowships and invited, keynote or plenary talks, where appropriate to the award.
  • 10 most significant publications. Upload a list of up to 10 of the most significant publications (of most relevance to this Fellowship), each including up to 50-words on why they are significant. Outline the candidate's specific role in the research and indicate percentage contribution.
  • Nominee's brief citation. 
  • Summary of the nominee's career achievements.
  • Evidence of the nominees public lecturing capabilities. Provide a summary of the nominees lecturing capabilities, including the ability to communicate with scientific and lay-audiences.
  • Aims and benefits of the nominee's tour and an outline of the planned itinerary.


Senior Selby Fellows

  • 2024 — B Halpern; A Hosoi
  • 2021 — M Wessling
  • 2019 — H Huppert
  • 2018 — S Dimmeler
  • 2017—X Zhang
  • 2016—F Rosei
  • 2015—R Jayawardhana
  • 2014—U Steiner
  • 2013—R Warner
  • 2012—R de Grijs
  • 2011—JS Higgins
  • 2010—PJ Sadler
  • 50th Anniversary—PJ Gregory
  • 2009—RP Kirshner
  • 2008—RB Gennis
  • 2007—J Silk
  • 2006—GM Hewitt
  • 2005—BL Bassler
  • 2004—D Pritchard
  • 2003—CJ Arntzen
  • 2002—LA Smith
  • 2001—J Jouzel; KA Moffatt
  • 2000—I Pepperberg
  • 1999—G Schatz
  • 1998—DS Dearborn
  • 1997—CJ Humphreys
  • 1996—J Barber
  • 1995—M Longair; J Thiede
  • 1994—J Lyklema; DJP Barker
  • 1993—CF Bohren
  • 1992—SC Morris; FH Shu
  • 1991—H Bolhar-Nordenkampf
  • 1990—JV Smith
  • 1989—ER Andrew; M.L. Good
  • 1986—OE Bjorkman
  • 1984—MD Houslay
  • 1983—P Rakic
  • 1982—WA Gambling
  • 1979—FJ Dyson
  • 1978—BJ Bok
  • 1977—JW Cornforth

Junior Selby Fellows

  • 1975—T Hatta
  • 1971—M Aoki
  • 1965—T Nikara
  • 1964—R Maud
  • 1963—M Matsuyama
  • 1962—FA de la Cruz
  • 1961—WM Deuchars

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