Australian Materials Research Society (A-MRS)

Australian Materials Research Society (A-MRS): Adhering body of the International Union of Materials Research Societies.

Australian Materials Research Society (A-MRS)

The National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering (NCMSE) of the Australian Academy of Science acts as the conduit between materials scientists and engineers in Australia and the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS). This is achieved through the formal Adhering Body of the IUMRS in Australia, which historically is the Australian Materials Research Society (A-MRS). The A-MRS is not a society in its own right but an umbrella body that connects to members of relevant professional societies in Australia with a strong interest in materials science and engineering. This connection between the Australian materials community is one of the roles of the NCMSE. Consistent with the aims of IUMRS, A-MRS, through the NCMSE, seeks to promote interdisciplinary materials research and education in Australia, provide a network of connections to the Australian materials community with a particular focus on early- to mid-career researchers, and encourage the running of interdisciplinary jointly-sponsored materials meetings and conferences, including international meetings sponsored by IUMRS.

President: Professor Jim Williams,
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering,
The Australian National University

Phone: 61 2 6125 0373

The President of A-MRS is presently also the Chair of NCMSE.

The A-MRS activities in materials science and engineering, materials-related meetings and conferences, as well as links with IUMRS, are aligned with activities of the NCMSE. For further information, please contact Meaghan Dzundza at

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