Reef Futures Roundtables

Final report

The report of this project has been published. The report explores possible futures for the Great Barrier Reef under different emissions scenarios. It also identifies evidence-based strategies and areas of opportunity to manage the Reef ecosystem in the face of unrelenting climate change.

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The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water has engaged the Australian Academy of Science (the Academy) to convene a series of roundtables that will support the Reef 2050 Independent Expert Panel in its role of advising government.

Throughout three roundtables this year, cross-disciplinary scientists, specialists and Traditional Owners will discuss the latest evidence around pressures on reef species, habitats and ecosystems (both terrestrial and marine), key gaps in knowledge, and potential responses—including new and emerging technologies—in the context of future climate storylines.

The Academy will provide a final report which will be a robust evidence-based synthesis of the science. The report will present the most likely impacts of climate change on the ecosystems that make up the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Futures Roundtables terms of reference (PDF, 135KB).

Advisory group

The members of the advisory group guiding the project are:

  • Dr Rebecca Bartley
  • Dr Richard Brinkman
  • Professor Damien Burrows
  • Emeritus Professor Ian Chubb AC FAA FTSE
  • Professor Matthew England FAA
  • Dr Mitchell Gibbs
  • Emeritus Professor Terence Hughes FAA
  • Professor Catherine Lovelock FAA
  • Emeritus Professor Helene Marsh AO FAA FTSE
  • Professor Tiffany Morrison
  • Dr Russell Reichelt AO
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Stephan Schnierer
  • Ms Jane Waterhouse
  • Dr Stuart Whitten
  • Professor Kerrie Wilson

Contact information

For more information regarding this project, please contact Dr Hayley Teasdale (

For media enquiries, please contact

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