International scientific collaborations in a contested world: Discussion paper

Published 1 November 2023

The Australian Academy of Science’s 2023 national symposium will facilitate a dialogue on the role of international scientific collaboration in providing benefits to the nation and the globe in our fragmented, contested and uncertain world.

Australia and our science system benefit from the values of the research enterprise—openness, accountability, objectivity and integrity—in our collaborations regionally and globally. Scientific collaboration benefits all partners, and the Australian government has recognised that the exchange of ideas and people is a net positive economically and socially.

The adoption of science and technology is essential for Australia to compete, innovate, grow, and drive further improvements in productivity and sustainability. Emerging technologies—such as generative artificial intelligence (AI)—offer new ways to generate economic value and solve social problems. However, new knowledge also brings new risks. Dealing with these risks can inadvertently act as a barrier to the way Australian scientists collaborate globally.

Australian science has a crucial part to play in securing the prosperity of the nation and the Indo-Pacific region. This paper provides relevant background, data, and questions to stimulate thinking around scientific collaborations in a contested world.

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