Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Council, known as EXCOM, is a standing committee of Council and comprises the seven Officers of the Council (President, Treasurer, Foreign Secretary, Secretary Biological Sciences, Secretary Physical Sciences, Secretary Science Policy and Secretary Education and Public Awareness). The intention of EXCOM is to provide more frequent and coordinated business decision making, resulting in fewer Council meetings to provide more time for regular and extended reviews of policy matters.

Under the provisions of the Supplemental Royal Charter, Council has delegated the responsibility for day-to-day decisions and routine Academy business to EXCOM. EXCOM will refer matters which they deem to require full Council delegations or support to the next Council meeting.

Professor Andrew Holmes
Professor Jim S Williams
Secretary Physical Sciences
Dr T J Higgins
Secretary Biological Sciences
Professor Cheryl Praeger
Foreign Secretary
Professor Leslie Field
Secretary Science Policy
Professor Pauline Ladiges
Secretary Education and Public Awareness
Dr Oliver Mayo

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