Committee—Ruby Payne-Scott Medal

The Ruby Payne-Scott Medal and Lecture for women in science is a career medal that recognises researchers of the highest standing in the physical and/or biological sciences. Along with the Macfarlane Burnet and Matthew Flinders Medals, it is one of the most prestigious career awards of the Academy and honours Ruby Payne-Scott’s pioneering contribution to radiophysics and radio astronomy. The Lecture is given at an Annual General Meeting of the Academy and complements that of the other prestigious awards.

The award is made annually and is restricted to women researchers who are normally resident in Australia and for research conducted mainly in Australia.

Nominations for this award are invited from Academy Fellows only. Candidates may be non Fellows.

Membership consists of the Secretaries Physcial and Biological Sciences and the immediate past Secretaries Physcial and Biological Sciences (if they are not nominees), chaired by whichever Secretary is not chairing that year’s other premier award committee.

See Council pages for the list of Current Council members.

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