Professor Reimers delivers David Craig lectures across Australia

Professor Reimers drawing scientific calculations on a blackboard
Professor Jeffrey Reimers

The 2016 recipient of the David Craig Medal and Lecture, Professor Jeffrey Reimers FAA, presented the first of his series of lectures in May. The subject of his series is ‘Basic chemical theory is critical to understanding nanoparticle synthesis, 2D nanostructures, and photosynthetic function’. Professor Reimers has so far presented at 23 Australian universities with a further three to come. In addition, an article describing the material presented in the lectures will be published in ‘The Australian Journal of Chemistry’. The article reviews some of the key scientific achievements of Professor Craig and expresses them in the context of Professor Reimers research career.

Professor Craig performed the first calculations of electronic molecular spectroscopy, explaining the spectra of many simple molecules including benzene. Professor Reimers describes the application of these techniques to the spectra of chlorophyll, ending a 50 year quest. Professor Reimers also explains how the work of Professor Craig is related to that of Professor Noel Hush AO FAA FRS, and how these ideas can be used to understand the nanotechnology molecules synthesised by Professor Maxwell Crossley FAA. The lectures finish with novel understanding of gold nanoparticle synthesis.

The David Craig Medal and Lecture is made in honour of the outstanding contribution to chemical research of the late Emeritus Professor David Craig AO FAA FRS. It recognises contributions of a high order to any branch of chemistry by active researchers. 

The 2017 David Craig Medal recipient is Professor David St Clair Black AO FAA. Nominations for the next round will open in early 2017.

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