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March 19, 2018

Science at the Shine Dome 2018—Celebrating excellence in Australian science

22–24 May, Canberra

The Academy’s three-day flagship event in May each year brings Australia’s most influential scientists to the iconic Shine Dome in Canberra to celebrate science and to honour outstanding achievements in science.

Science at the Shine Dome is an event for researchers from all disciplines and career levels to come together and share knowledge. This includes the admission of new Fellows to the Australian Academy of Science, national awards to honour excellence at all career levels, a networking Gala Dinner with industry and political representatives, and a high-powered symposium on an issue of national importance. A major focus at Science at the Shine Dome is giving early- to mid-career researchers professional development and the opportunity to engage with senior scientists.

Symposium—Predict, respond, recover: science and natural disasters

As part of the event, our one-day symposium is Predict, respond, recover: science and natural disasters. It focuses on the role science plays in predicting, mitigating, responding to and recovering from natural hazards and weather events. The symposium will cover a range of significant weather events, along with perspectives from diverse scientific disciplines. It will be of value to anyone with an interest in areas related to natural disasters.

Open to all

Science at the Shine Dome attracts a national and international audience of over 400 people and provides boundless networking opportunities with Academy Fellows, chief scientists, Nobel Prize winners, early- and mid-career researchers, science sector and government representatives, parliamentarians, media and the public. Online, the event reaches an audience of over half a million via a range of social media and digital technology platforms, making the event truly global.

It’s possible to register for some or all of the event.

Join us in 2018 to celebrate excellence in Australian science!

Child minding services and carer assistance grants

The Academy offers parents and carers two ways to access support during Science at the Shine Dome:

  • carer assistance grants for support at home
  • child minding services at the event.

Arrange child minding or apply for a carer assistance grant

Canberra speaker series: The science of us

10 April, Canberra

The first presentation in our Canberra speaker series, ‘When life begins’, was a sell-out!

Don’t miss out on the next presentation, Medicine made for you, to be held on 10 April. Featuring Professor John Shine and Professor Carola Vinuesa, you will find out about the incredible world of personalised medicine, in which medical professionals seek to tailor decisions, treatments, practices and therapies to an individual patient. Purchase your tickets early so you don’t miss out on what is proving to be a very popular series.

Professor David Black: Molecular design and synthesis

19 March, Brisbane
3 May, Sydney

Professor David Black, recipient of the Academy’s 2017 David Craig Medal and Lecture, is presenting a series of lectures across Australia on molecular design and synthesis.

Professor Black has made major contributions to organic chemistry in the general fields of heterocyclic chemistry, coordination chemistry and natural products. He was a pioneer in the use of metal coordination for the control of organic reactions, and has also discovered new reactions of activated indoles leading to the construction of molecular receptors and small peptide mimics. 

The final lecture in the series is on 3 May at UNSW Sydney.

Fenner Conference on the Environment: Urban sustainability and conservation

4–6 April, Canberra

This year’s Fenner Conference on the Environment, supported by the Academy, is taking a close look at urban sustainability and conservation.

Cities are increasingly recognised for the critical role they play in biodiversity conservation, environmental stewardship and global sustainability. Appropriate and sustainable approaches to the development and management of urban environments are pivotal to our planet’s future.

Bridging the gap between research and implementation will be required to achieve evidence-based solutions for urban sustainability and conservation. This conference presents an opportunity for researchers, industry partners and policy makers from the fields of urban sustainability and conservation to meet and co-create a roadmap through which Australia can be a global leader in this space.

Science Pathways 2018: Diversify your thinking

23 – 24 April, Brisbane

Diversify your thinking will bring together early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) and scientific leaders from academia, industry and government.

Australia’s scientific and innovative future calls for a generation of science leaders equipped with the right tools and strategies to better understand the key considerations for interdisciplinary research and collaborations, to achieve more inclusive and equitable environments, and to improve their access to funding opportunities from non-traditional sources.

Bridging the gap between what needs to be achieved in these areas and the current settings represents one of the most important challenges facing emerging researchers. ‘Diversify your thinking’ will create insightful discussion and present key findings on how to face these challenges and implement solutions. The event offers a highly interactive program with a strong professional development focus for EMCRs and with opportunities to network with other future leaders from different backgrounds.  

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