Lloyd Rees Lecture and Geoffrey Frew Fellowship announced

November 30, 2022

Lloyd Rees Lecture

Professor Dmitri Golberg

Professor Dmitri Golberg from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has been awarded the 2022 Lloyd Rees Lecture.

A materials scientist for over 30 years, Professor Golberg has studied the synthesis, structural analysis, and physical property measurements of diverse inorganic nanotubes, nanowires, graphene-like nanosheets, nanoribbons and nanobelts.

After a 10-year research career at the Bardin Research Institute in Moscow, Professor Goldberg joined the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan in 1995, where he launched pioneering studies on boron nitride nanotubes. He is a world-recognised expert in this field and has published more than 700 papers, with over 200 on boron nitride nanotubes. He joined QUT in 2017.

His experience in nanotubes and metallic alloys has allowed him to launch a new field of nanoscale studies involving the physics, chemistry and functional properties of inorganic nanotubes filled, joined or coated with metals.

The Lloyd Rees series of lectures by distinguished researchers in chemical physics recognise the contributions of the late Dr A L G Rees FAA to science, industry and education.

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Geoffrey Frew Fellowship

Professor Jelena Vuckovic

Professor Jelena Vuckovic of Stanford University has been awarded the 2023 Geoffrey Frew Fellowship.

Professor Vuckovic is a pioneer in experimental and theoretical research in nanophotonics and quantum photonics, which have found widespread use in chemistry, physics, medical imaging and manufacturing.

Professor Vuckovic leads the Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab at Stanford University and was the inaugural director of the interdisciplinary Q-FARM initiative which brings university researchers from different fields together to study quantum science and engineering and to train the field’s next generation of scientists.

The Geoffrey Frew Fellowship was initiated in 1970 through a personal donation from Mr G S V Frew, Chair of Varian Techtron Pty Ltd. Fellowships are awarded to distinguished overseas scientists to participate in the biannual Australian Spectroscopy Conferences and to visit scientific centres in Australia.

The Australian and New Zealand Optical Society generously matches the Academy’s funding support for this fellowship.

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