Geoffrey Frew Fellowship

The call for nominations are currently closed

The Geoffrey Frew Fellowship is not open for public nomination. The relevant Academy’s National Committees recommend the Frew Fellows to the Council of the Academy.


The Geoffrey Frew Fellowship was initiated in 1970 through a personal donation from Mr G S V Frew, Chair of Varian Techtron Pty Ltd. Fellowships are awarded to distinguished overseas scientists to participate in the Australian Spectroscopy Conferences and to visit scientific centres in Australia. Conferences are held biennially. Since 2015 the Australian Optical Society has generously matched the Academy's funding support to this Fellowship.

Past awardees

  • 2019—D Strickland
  • 2017—A Polman
  • 2015—U Keller
  • 2013—R Blatt
  • 2011—J Ye
  • 2009—R Grimm
  • 2005—D J Wineland
  • 2003—W E Moerner
  • 2001—M Kasevich
  • 1998—C E Wieman
  • 1996—J C Polanyi
  • 1993—C Cohen-Tannoudji
  • 1991—M Kasha
  • 1989—R N Zare
  • 1987—J L Hall
  • 1985—J H van der Waals
  • 1982—G Herzberg
  • 1980—B P Stoicheff
  • 1976—G Porter
  • 1973—A L Schawlow
  • 1971—G R Harrison

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