Science by Doing

Science by Doing is an online secondary school program presenting science in an engaging, guided inquiry-based approach to lift student interest and understanding. It is free to all Australian students and teachers and comprehensively covers the Australian Curriculum for high school Science Years 7-10.

Designing online learning lessons with Science by Doing.

Responses to and management of the COVID-19 pandemic are evolving as the spread of the virus continues in Australia and globally. Teachers in schools across Australia are responding to the need to offer online learning lessons to students in self-isolation, however, distance education teachers have been successfully using Science by Doing for remote learning long before the pandemic.

See our Starter’s guide for classroom teachers new to online learning containing insights from distance education teachers and classroom teachers now organising remote learning for their students.

Teaching and learning with Science by Doing

Watch how easy it is to register and login to the Science by Doing website.

Accessing the Science by Doing website


Learn how to find your way around the Science by Doing website.

The evolving Science by Doing website


Watch how teachers use Science by Doing to teach by inquiry.

Promoting independent learning with Science by Doing

Investigation states of matter with Science by Doing


Science by Doing program and evaluation

Science by Doing has undergone substantial trialling in its development, received independent evaluations and is currently in Stage 5 of its development.

The Program and Evaluation page outlines its development and provides access the evaluation reports for Stages 1 and 4 of the program.

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