Nominate now for the Academy’s 2021 awards

February 14, 2020

Above: Professor Laura Mackay was awarded the 2019 Gottschalk Medal by the Academy and later in the year a Prime Minister’s science prize.

Shining a light on researchers

Nominations are now open for the Academy’s 2021 honorific awards, and applications open for support for research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships.

These awards and funding opportunities shine a light on researchers who are making outstanding contributions to science and progressing the advancement of science in Australia.

The awards recognise remarkable achievements in research fields including Earth sciences, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, experimental biomedicine, genetics and more.

According to Dr Lara Malins, one of many award recipients featured recently in Science Matters magazine, the JG Russell Award she received is more than just extra funding. “It was just really fantastic to have that support. Awards that recognise early-career researchers set them on a trajectory that helps them be more successful.” 

The Academy is committed to celebrating and supporting diversity. It is seeking nominations of outstanding scientists from all career stages, backgrounds and genders, and strongly encourages more nominations of women for all awards, in particular the career and mid-career honorific awards.

Two new awards

Two brand new career awards are open in the Academy’s 2021 award round. These awards, the Ruby Payne-Scott Medal and Lecture and the Suzanne Cory Medal, honour two of Australia’s pioneering women scientists.

The closing date for honorific award nominations is 1 May 2020.

The closing date to apply for research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships is 1 June 2020.

Find out more about the Academy’s awards, including how to nominate or apply.

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