National Committee for Space Science

The National Committee for Space Science (NCSS) fosters the space sciences in Australia, links the Academy to Australian space scientists and relevant scientific societies, and links Australian and overseas space scientists, primarily through the International Union for Radio Sciences, the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics and the Committee on Space Research.

Australia in Space: a decadal plan for Australian space science 2021–2030

Australia in Space presents a ten-year plan for Australian space science, with recommendations and strategies to advance national interests and priorities in space; grow the innovation economy, develop sovereign capability and improve the lives of all Australians. Download the plan at

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The National Committee for Space Science provides regular electronic updates from international scientific unions and committees, in addition to news from the local scientific community, relevant funding opportunities, conferences and awards.

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  • Chair: Professor Phil Bland
    • Curtin University, Director of Space Science and Technology Centre
    • Research expertise: Planetary scientist, understanding asteroid and cometary impacts
  • Ex-officio member: Dr Alessandra Monerris Belda
    • Australian Space Agency, Director Space-enabled Services & Science
    • Research expertise: Telecommunications engineering (remote sensing), space communications, concept development of space technology, space sustainability.
  • Committee member: Associate Professor Francis Bennet
    • Australian National University, Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics
    • Research expertise: Lasers and quantum electronics, and classical and physical optics
  • Committee member: Professor Celine Boehm
    • The University of Sydney, Head of School, School of Physics
    • Research expertise: Astroparticle physics, dark matter
  • Committee member: Professor Suelynn Choy
    • RMIT University, Professor of Satellite Navigation
    • Research expertise: Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), geodesy, Earth observation
  • Committee member: Professor Christophe Fumeaux
    • The University of Adelaide, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Research expertise: Antennas and propagation, and microwave and millimetre-wave technology
  • Committee member: Professor Jonti Horner
    • The University of Southern Queensland, School of Mathematics, Physics and Computing
    • Research expertise: Space sciences, exoplanets, astrobiology, planetary habitability
  • Committee member: Dr Katarina Miljkovic
    • Curtin University, School of Earth and Planetary Sciences
    • Research expertise: Planetary science, numerical analysis, earth science
  • Observer (ANU InSpace): Professor Anna Moore
    • Australian National University, Director, Institute for Space
    • Research expertise: Astronomical instrumentation, Antarctic astronomy, transient infrared astronomy
  • Observer: Professor Chris Rizos
    • University of New South Wales, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Co-Director, Satellite navigation and positioning (SNAP) laboratory
    • Research expertise: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), geodesy
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Paul Smith
    • Macquarie University, Department of Mathematics
    • Research expertise: Electromagnetic fields and waves, analytical and numerical techniques
  • Ex-officio member: Dr Kimberley Clayfield
    • CSIRO, Space Research Program Director
    • Research expertise: Space policy and strategy, space program management
  • Ex-officio member: Dr Adam Smith
    • Bureau of Meteorology, Manager, Model Systems and Data, Research to Operations
    • Research expertise: Space weather models research and development
  • Committee Member: Dr Hannah Schunker
    • University of Newcastle, School of Information and Physical Sciences
    • Research expertise: Stellar astronomy and planetary systems, solar physics, Heliophysics and space weather
  • Observer: Emeritus Professor Fred Menk
    • The University of Newcastle, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    • Research expertise: Space physics, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, geomagnetism, plasma waves.
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