Science policy and analysis

The Academy brings together world-leading Australian experts from universities, research institutes and government research agencies to consider and advise the nation on scientific issues. It provides authoritative information and advice on current science, technology and emerging research to inform discussion and assist evidence based policy development and decision-making.

All advice provided by the Academy is dispassionate, disinterested, apolitical and founded in expertise. It sets standards of excellence, quality, independence and transparency. 

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Submissions to government

Input made by the Academy or its related groups in the development or analysis of policy.

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Evidence briefs

Briefs synthesising scientific evidence on the impact of bushfires and other environmental issues.

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Position statements

Statements made to clarify the Academy's position on current issues.

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Science for Australians

Feature articles discussing the benefits of science to Australians.

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Federal Budget 2024-25 science and research

Federal Budget 2024-25 science and research snapshot

Science sector analysis

The Academy publishes reports and strategies to build the information base about the whole science sector, specific disciplines, or that are about the importance of science to all Australians.

Reports and publications

In this section, browse and download completed reports and publications that have emerged from projects across a broad scope of sectors and stakeholder groups.

Decadal plans for science

Developed by the Academy‚Äôs National Committees for Science, decadal plans are 10-year strategic plans for scientific disciplines.

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