Decadal plan for nutrition science in Australia


The Decadal plan for nutrition science in Australia aims to address the complex health and environmental challenges associated with changes in food production and consumption. Since the industrial revolution, our understanding of human diet has lagged behind the rate of change. This project will identify way to better integrate knowledge across nutrients, foods, meals, diets, and dietary patterns to understand balance rather than single nutrients or commodities. It will examine the broader context of nutrition from individuals to communities to nations, and develop a consistent framework for nutrition science that includes both individual biology and the physical, social and biological environment. This will provide broad benefits for social, cultural, economic and health outcomes in the region.

Supporting information: Discussion papers from the Rethinking food and nutrition science think tank.


The Decadal Plan Committee is a subcommittee of the Academy‚Äôs National Committee for Nutrition. It is co-Chaired by Professor Mike Gidley and Professor Stephen Simpson FAA.

Events and timeline

The Decadal Plan Committee is committed to taking a broadly consultative approach. It will engage with a broad cross-section of the nutrition community to develop the plan and to seek feedback and input. To do that, it will hold a number of targeted meetings, attend professional society functions and university-based open forums, and interview key decision makers.

The current process for plan development involves:

  • Initiation
  • Consultation paper development
  • Sectoral consultation
  • Draft plan development
  • Finalisation of the decadal plan
  • Publication, launch, and the beginning of implementation.

The first event in support of the decadal plan was the 2017 Theo Murphy Think Tank: Rethinking food and nutrition science.

The decadal plan development process will officially launch at the Dietitians Association of Australia 35th National Conference in May 2018.

Consultation for this round is now closed.


The National Committee for Nutrition will seek input from the wider research and practice community at various points throughout the process of plan development. This will involve both widespread community engagement activities as well as formal consultation once a draft plan is developed. Opportunities to be involved in these activities will be advised on this page, and via professional associations, newsletters, and the EMCR Forum.

If you have specific input or would like to engage with the committee please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the committee members familiar with your area of interest via the e-mail or with Alistair Usher (Senior Policy Analyst) at 02 6201 9439.

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