Become a Champion for the Nourishing Australia Decadal Plan

The decadal plan of the National Committee for Nutrition, Nourishing Australia outlines four pillars where the science of nutrition will contribute to enhancing the health of Australians. Implementation of the plan requires the coordination and input from the broader nutrition community.

As a Champion for the Nourishing Australia Decadal Plan you will collaborate and provide input to the implementation of one or more of the four pillars outlined in the Nourishing Australia Decadal Plan.

What is a ‘Champion of the Decadal Plan’? 

Nourishing Australia, a Decadal Plan for Nutrition Sciences was launched in 2019 by the Academy’s National Committee for Nutrition (NCN). The Plan outlines key research priority areas to focus on over the coming decade that will have a significant impact on contemporary nutrition-related issues such as the double burden of undernutrition and obesity. There are many recommendations and implementation actions suggested for each of the priority areas. The current focus of the NCN is to implement the plan. 

One of the main objectives in the implementation is to harmonise the nutrition professional workforce, to all work together toward the realisation of this plan. A ‘Champion of the Decadal Plan’ will communicate and promote the concepts outlined in the plan, and cite the plan in their research or other work-related activities. 

All members of the nutrition professional community can download the banners to add to your email signature and social media profiles to show your support of the decadal plan. To download the banner,  click here.

Are you an early-mid career nutrition professional who wants to get involved with the implementation of the decadal plan? 

Early and mid-career researchers or other nutrition professionals (EMCRs) were instrumental in the development of this plan during the 2017 Think Tank: Rethinking Food and Nutrition Science. The EMCR community will again have the opportunity to help develop and enact projects to facilitate its implementation

As we work through the various stages of the plan, we would like to seek input from the early and mid-career nutrition professional community.  

We intend to create working groups of ‘Early and Mid-Career Champions of the Decadal Plan’ who will lead small projects working towards implementation of the plan. If you sign up to this emailing list you will be notified of opportunities to submit an EOI for these working groups and can expect to receive 1-2 emails per year with general updates on committee activities to maintain engagement with the EMCR network. 

If you are an early or mid-career nutrition professional and would like to stay updated on the implementation activities, please sign up to the mailing list below. 

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