Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science 2010-2019: Building a National Presence in Space

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The Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science was launched in 2010 by the Australian Academy of Science’s National Committee for Space Science. It presents the Australian space science community’s vision for a long-term, productive presence in space via world-leading innovative space science and technology, strong education and outreach and international collaborations.

Mid-term review

In 2015–16, the focus of the National Committee for Space and Radio Science (NCSRS) will be to undertake a mid-term review of the decadal plan to reassess its recommendations and implementation and suggest any necessary changes. Two objectives of the committee will be to perform a census of the space and radio science communities – their demographics and strength – and to bring together, where applicable, various smaller Australian space and radio science conferences into one conference of significant national interest.

See the mid-term review for information and updates on this process.

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