Decadal Plan for Chemistry—Committee

The Decadal Plan for Chemistry is managed by a working group consisting of leading chemistry researchers from around the country, including the President of the RACI, members of the NCC, as well as representatives from industry (PACIA), the Australian Research Council (ARC), the high school sector and CSIRO. Consultation across as much of the chemistry community as possible is desired and this will be achieved by public consultation through more than a dozen open meetings, presentations by working group members, one-on-one interviews across the sector and web-based, written submissions from the community. There will be a further feedback process following release of the White Paper in 2015.

In addition to the working group, sub-committees focused on key areas will contribute to the collection and surveying process.

Meet the Decadal Plan Committee

  • Professor Paul Mulvaney (Chair, University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Mark Buntine (2013-2014 President of RACI, Curtin University)
  • Professor Paul Bernhardt (2015-2016 President of the RACI, University of Queensland)
  • Professor Evan Bieske (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Michelle Coote (ANU)
  • Professor Martina Stenzel (UNSW Australia)
  • Dr Regina Menz (Education Officer, Catholic Schools Office Armidale)
  • Dr Dave Winkler (CSIRO)
  • Professor David Black (UNSW Australia)
  • Dr Oliver Jones (RMIT)
  • Associate Professor Rich Payne (The University of Sydney)
  • Dr Greg Simpson (CSIRO)
  • Dr John Lambert (Biota)

Meet the Decadal Plan Working Group

  • Professor Paul Bernhardt (University of Queensland)
  • Professor Mark Buntine (Curtin University)
  • Dr Peter Bury (PACIA)
  • Professor Emily Hilder (University of Tasmania)
  • Ms Samires Hook and Ms Poulomi Agrawal (Australian Academy of Science)
  • Professor Kate Joliffe (University of Sydney)
  • Professor Dianne Jolley (University of Wollongong)
  • Dr John Lambert (Biota P/L)
  • Professor Steven Langford (Monash University)
  • Ms Regina Menz (Education Officer, Catholic Schools Office Armidale)
  • Professor Paul Mulvaney (Chair) (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Samantha Read (PACIA)
  • Dr Elke Scheurmann (Rapid Invention P/L)
  • Professor Joe Shapter (Flinders University)
  • Dr Greg Simpson (CSIRO)
  • Ms Alexandra Strich (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor  Brian Yates (University of Tasmania)

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