Bots, Bacteria & Booze: Science of the Everyday

How often do you stop to think: how does this work? Why does this work? And how has it improved my life? So many scientific advances have become such an integral part of everyday life that we have simply stopped seeing them. In the Australian Academy of Science’s 2016 public event series, ‘Bots, bacteria and booze’, we’ll hold a lens up to the science of the everyday: the amazing discoveries and inventions that help keep our daily lives ticking over… and we’ll peer through the looking-glass to some of the science that will become part of the everyday for the next generation. Join us to learn about the complex science behind recycling, how robots are slowly but surely taking over our systems, what goes into combating some of the most tenacious bugs on the planet, how light is used to detect cancer and make better wines, how what we eat affects our behaviour, and how scientists make nutritious foods taste good.

From bots to bacteria and booze: join us to discover the amazing science that shapes our everyday lives.

About the series convenors

Professor Hans Bachor FAA is Chair of the National Committee for Physics and an independent consultant in physics, science communication, and education. He is known for his work in experimental quantum optics.

Professor Christine Charles FAA is head of the Space, Plasma, Power and Propulsion lab at the Australian National University. She's developed fuel cells for the hydrogen economy and is an accomplished jazz musician.

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