Frontiers of science

Increasingly, the most significant research advances are occurring at the interface of disciplines. The aim of the Theo Murphy Frontiers of Science symposia is to bring together the very best young Australian scientists in multidisciplinary areas of science to discuss emerging technologies and identify potential opportunities for future research collaboration. Gifted young scientists explain what they do and why, and during this process, discover how an idea can bridge disciplines.

The symposia are organised by early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) under the direction of an oversight committee comprising Fellows of the Academy and other key experts. The chairs of sessions and speakers are all EMCRs, as are the participants. They are drawn from universities, government and industry from across Australia, including both biological and physical sciences.

Since 2010, these symposia have been supported by the Theo Murphy (Australia) Fund, courtesy of the Royal Society of London.

Past symposia in this series are listed below.

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