Think tanks

The Academy’s Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tanks bring together early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) from a broad range of relevant disciplines to:

  • Engage in thinking about novel applications of existing science (including social science) and technology to issues of national significance
  • Identify issues and gaps in current knowledge, and
  • Propose solutions.

Enabling participants to experience the challenges and benefits of working in diverse cross-disciplinary teams is another primary aim of the events. The think tanks are unique opportunities for career development and network creation among the nation’s next generation of research leaders and their institutions. Previous think tanks have culminated in reports offering recommendations for action that have been timely, well received and instrumental in influencing policy development.

Since 2009, these think tanks have been supported by the Theo Murphy (Australia) Fund, courtesy of the Royal Society of London.

Past think tanks are listed below.

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