Plastic fantastic

Presented with the generous support of Academy Fellow and developer of the Polymer Bank Note Professor David Solomon AC FAA.

About the talks

Join the Australian Academy of Science as we venture into a world of make-believe, a world completely fabricated from the imaginations of extraordinary scientists and engineers.

This second national speaker series by the Academy will bring to the main stage the science of polymers, a magnificent material science which is working to destroy cancer cells, make aeroplanes lighter, strengthen windscreens and even give us the ability to create artificial muscle tissue from fishing line that reacts in a similar fashion to our muscle tissue. In this polymerised world nothing is off-limits; if you can dream it they can make it a reality. New uses for polymers are being developed to purify water, enable us to paint a whole structure in solar-conducting materials to generate energy, and even recycle waste products to clean up environment disasters.

So lets take a look down the rabbit hole and explore this exciting area of material sciences.

Talk dates

MELBOURNE – 28 February 2017 – Polymers in a material world – Buy Tickets 

SYDNEY – 2 March 2017 – Polymers in a material world – Buy Tickets 

WOLLONGONG – 17 August 2017 – Making better humans with polymers – Buy Tickets

BRISBANE – 5 October 2017 – Making better humans with polymers

ADELAIDE – 2 November 2017 – Making better humans with polymers 

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