The science of climate change

Wollongong Harbour, NSW. Photo: Robert Montgomery

Information on climate change

This publication from the Australian Academy of Science aims to address confusion created by contradictory information in the public domain. It sets out to explain the current situation* in climate science, including where there is consensus in the scientific community and where uncertainties exist.

‘The science of climate change: Questions and answers’ was prepared by a working group of nine members co-chaired by Dr Ian Allison FAA and Professor Mike Raupach FAA FTSE. The document was also reviewed by an oversight committee of eight members chaired by Professor John Zillman AO FAA FTSE. This publication is an update of the Academy’s 2010 booklet of the same name.

*Please note: The Academy published updated climate change information in March 2021. Read The risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world.

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