Climate Change Reports

Latest reports

Expert roundtable to explore new approaches to negative emissions
Decarbonisation targets only achievable with advances in research
Statement regarding State of the Environment report
President’s statement on the IPCC Working Group III report
The IPCC Working Group II report and what it means for you
Australian experts’ new ideas to better protect World Heritage sites from climate change
From rhetoric to action – academies release joint statement on COP26
Statement from the President—Government’s net zero 2050 announcement
President’s statement on the IPCC Working Group 1 Report
Marine and coastal leaders urge government to adopt FEA Sustainable Oceans and Coasts Strategy
Climate adaptation summit outlines priorities for a national approach
The risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world
Statement regarding Australian bushfires
Statement from the Australian Academy of Science—withdrawal of the US from the Paris Accord
The Science of Climate Change
Science Academy urges global action at Paris climate talks

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