Academy education

The Australian Academy of Science is building a strong foundation in STEM teaching and learning. We offer three teacher trialled programs with proven outcomes spanning science and mathematics, Foundation to Year 10. Our comprehensively planned programs are grounded in research and showcase exemplary inquiry practices which help teachers maximise the difference they make in the classroom.

Primary Connections

Primary Connections is an innovative approach to teaching and learning, which aims to enhance primary school teachers’ confidence and competence for teaching science. This program of the Australian Academy of Science is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. It focuses on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy.

Science by Doing

Science by Doing is a comprehensive online science program for Years 7 to 10 available free to all Australian students and teachers and supported by award winning professional learning modules and a research based professional learning approach. To access these innovative resources, simply register at the Science by Doing website.

reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry

reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry is a bold new national program to promote innovative approaches to mathematics teaching in Australian schools.

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