Science by Doing

Science by Doing is a comprehensive online science program for Years 7 to 10 available free to all Australian students and teachers and supported by award winning professional learning modules and a research based professional learning approach.

For Australian teachers and students to access these exciting innovative resources simply register at

For teachers registered with Scootle, the Science by Doing resources can also be accessed through the Scootle website.

Science by Doing improves science learning by:

  • better engaging high school students through an inquiry approach; and by
  • supporting teachers with relevant resources using innovative technology.

Science by Doing provides a practical way of implementing the Australian Curriculum: Science, and is managed by the Australian Academy of Science with funding from the Australian Government.

History and future

Pilot 2007–08 Proof of concept of inquiry
science learning in high schools
Stage One 2009–11 Five professional learning modules
Foundation curriculum unit
Professional learning approach
Stage Two 2012–13 Eight online curriculum units
Stage Three 2013–16 Final eight online curriculum units
Seven online professional learning modules
Implement state based professional learning approach
Stage Four 2016–18 Revision of curriculum units with student e-workbook
Implement Teacher Education approach for universities
Stage Five 2018–20

Improvements to the website and resources and developing a platform for formative assessment

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