Working Group:

  • Lisa Alexander
  • Ian Allison AO (co-chair)
  • Michael Bird
  • John Church FAA FTSE
  • Matthew England FAA
  • Jean Palutikof
  • Michael Raupach FAA FTSE (co-chair)
  • Steven Sherwood
  • Susan Wijffels

Oversight Committee:

  • Graham Farquhar AO FAA FRS
  • Roger Gifford
  • Andrew Gleadow FAA
  • Kurt Lambeck AO FAA FRS
  • Trevor McDougall FAA FRS
  • Graeme Pearman AM FAA FTSE
  • Steve Rintoul FAA
  • John Zillman AO FAA FTSE (chair)


  • Hedda Ransan-Cooper (scientific editing)
  • Stephen Pincock (communication consultant)
  • Louise Bell
  • Jules Kajtar
  • Jana Sillmann (figure preparation)

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