The science of immunisation

Do you have questions about immunisation?

The Australian Academy of Science provides information that explains the science of immunisation in clear and easy-to-understand language, with the aim of supporting you to make good health decisions based on science.

This series of short videos and in-depth articles, developed in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health, answer common questions about immunisation.

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The science of immunisation: questions and answers booklet

The Australian Academy of Science has published ‘The science of immunisation: questions and answers’ for broad distribution to more than 40,000 registered immunisation providers in Australia. It continues to be a reliable and informative resource for people everywhere, and is available online or free in print format from the Academy.

The publication was prepared by an expert working group of eight members co-chaired by Professor Tony Basten AO FAA FTSE and Professor Ian Frazer AC FAA FRS FTSE. It was reviewed by an oversight committee chaired by Sir Gus Nossal AO CBE FAA FRS FTSE and endorsed by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Australian Medical Association.

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