Academy launches two new career awards for 2021

February 14, 2020

Two brand new career awards will form part of the Academy’s 2021 award round, honouring two of Australia’s pioneering women scientists.

Ruby Payne-Scott
Ruby Payne-Scott (1912–1981) was a pioneer in radiophysics and radio astronomy.
Suzanne Cory
Professor Suzanne Cory AC FAA FRS is a distinguished molecular biologist and former Academy President.

Ruby Payne-Scott Medal and Lecture for women in science

The Ruby Payne-Scott Medal and Lecture for women in science recognises researchers of the highest standing in the physical and/or biological sciences.

Along with the Macfarlane Burnet and Matthew Flinders medals, it is one of the most prestigious career awards of the Academy and honours Ruby Payne-Scott’s pioneering contribution to radiophysics and radio astronomy. The lecture is given at an annual general meeting of the Academy and complements that of the other prestigious awards.

Suzanne Cory Medal for research in the biological sciences

The Suzanne Cory Medal recognises outstanding research in the biological sciences (initially excluding the applied medical sciences).

It is a career award that honours the contributions made to science by Professor Suzanne Cory AC FAA FRS who, as a molecular biologist, made major contributions to understanding the genetic causes of cancer. Professor Cory was President of the Academy from 2010 to 2014.

“I am thrilled that the Academy has named this new medal in my honour. The award enables the Academy to highlight the truly remarkable advances being made by the life sciences in our understanding and appreciation of our extraordinary world,” Professor Cory said.

Both awards are made annually, and are restricted to candidates who are normally resident in Australia and for research conducted mainly in Australia.


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