The Australian Academy of Science supports early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) through a variety of mechanisms. These include activities hosted by the Academy directly, or through its support of the EMCR Forum.

Two major initiatives are:

  1. holding inter-disciplinary events designed to stimulate innovative thinking about future developments and applications of science, and
  2. providing a voice for Australia’s EMCRs through the EMCR Forum.

If you identify as an EMCR working in Australia, the Academy and EMCR Forum Executive encourage you to get involved in the national discussion(s) about your future.

Below are a range of ways you can get involved.

Membership registration

Become a member of the Australian EMCR Forum and receive the regular email updates on opportunities for EMCRs and the newsletter EMCR Pathways.

Events and opportunities

A great way to develop your career and build your network is through the range of events and opportunities affiliated with the EMCR Forum and the Australian Academy of Science.


The EMCR Forum Executive have created and compiled a collection of online resources to meet the needs of Australia’s future leaders.

EMCR Pathways Newsletter

Read past EMCR Pathways newsletters and find out what’s going on around Australia.

Profiles of Australian EMCRs

Get inspired by some of our EMCRs member stories.

Submissions and consultations

The EMCR Forum Executive seeks feedback from all EMCRs in Australia in shaping responses to the submission/consultation calls from various agencies and funding bodies. Follow this link for information on what Australia’s EMCRs have responded to to-date.

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