Decadal plans for science

Decadal plans are 10-year strategic plans for science disciplines, and are developed by the Academy’s National Committees for Science. The purpose of a plan is to:

  • assess the current state of knowledge in a specific science discipline
  • identify and set priorities for the most important scientific questions for the next decade
  • outline strategies to achieve these priorities and goals.

The diversity of each discipline makes the production of decadal plans exciting and unique projects. Decadal plans are produced by the research community, but the audiences for the documents are, to a large extent, policy makers and funding bodies.

Learned Academies Special Projects Scheme (LASP)—Science decadal plans for a stronger, healthier, more prosperous Australia

The Australian Academy of Science is developing three decadal plans to guide the future of three vital science disciplines in Australia: chemistry, agricultural science, and the earth sciences. Funded by the Australian Research Council under the Learned Academies Special Projects scheme, the plans are being developed by the Academy’s National Committees for Chemistry; Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; and Earth Sciences.

The plans will seek input from across government, industry, academia and the education sector to identify the future needs of each discipline and outline priorities for investment over the next 10 years.

In progress


Published plans and reviews are listed below.

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